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How To Fuck In Missionary Position

It is very common to start any intimate encounter with this position of an instinctive character. When the passionate game begins, with a view to a loving encounter, the bodies are disposed of in a natural way looking for that position. It is an unconscious way of saying; we are human, we looked, we explored, we want, and we get excited together.

The position of the missionary or face to face is a great classic in sexual relations and, although, for many, it is a trivial or routine posture. The truth is that if we know how to have sex missionary style and take advantage of it, it can be very pleasant and offer really exciting and intense sensations.

If you want to discover many interesting details about this sexual position and enjoy unimaginable moments of pleasure, keep reading this article how to fuck in missionary position.

Steps to follow:

—> The Missionary is one of the positions for the most romantic and intimate sex that exists because it allows a total physical contact between both. The boy sits on top of the girl who must lie on her back with her legs more or less open. To not leave all his weight on the girl, he should lean on his elbows and knees and placing his legs between her thighs, and you can start the penetration.

—> Although it is not one of the sexual positions that can give more pleasure to the girl if the guy takes a good angle you can enjoy a delicious vaginal stimulation and G – spot. To enhance pleasure, she must find the point that provides the most contact between her clitoris and the pubis of her partner or partner. But how to achieve it? Very simple, the best way is by flexing the legs, bringing the knees to your shoulders or wrapping the boy with your legs, placing them behind your back.

—> In this posture, the boy, is the one who marks the rhythm of the penetration, as well as the intensity and inclination of the penis. The total control during intercourse by him is what makes it a great position for big penises, getting both enjoy fully and that intercourse is not interrupted by the discomfort that the girl may feel.

—> One of the great advantages of the sexual position of the missionary is that it allows the closeness of the faces, ideal to accompany the pleasure of intercourse with intense or soft kisses, caresses, looks and the whisper of words suggestive of the passion of the meeting. Therefore, The Missionary is one of the best positions for sexual initiation and enjoys a special and romantic first time.

—> The freedom of movement of the hands is another of the strengths of this classic position. They should not be limited, she can touch and grab the butt of the boy, stimulate his anus, caress his back, etc. and he rubbing the clitoris of the girl, caressing her breasts or taking her buttocks hard to penetrate her more deeply. We recommend you to watch missionary intercourse videos to gather ideas.

In addition, it is possible to intensify the pleasure and friction during intercourse if both close the legs a little more. It’s all about experimenting and getting carried away!