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Best Sexuality Experienced With Simple Tips Now

Talk about desires directly. Rid man of the need to guess, which gives you the greatest pleasure. To your loved one realized that you need an orgasm and that he should contribute to this, you need to take the initiative. Direct, show what you like best. Do not understand hints – explain in words.

Remember the sensations. Virtually every woman knows the sensations that arise during orgasm during sex. She can feel this similarly when she caresses, erotic or sexual fantasies, masturbation, when washing, riding or cycling, etc. First remember how you come to them, and then try to repeat with your partner. You can also have the fat woman hot sex.The videos will help you for that.

Do not think about lunch and repairs. While making love, try to get distracted from problems. If the head is busy thinking about what to prepare tomorrow for children for dinner, how to quickly make repairs, whether the awakened child will enter the bedroom now, it will be much harder to achieve a climax. And if this is combined with fatigue, trouble in dealing with someone close, then with orgasm you have to say goodbye. To enjoy, you must first of all tune in psychologically.

Eternal love. How to keep the passion for many years

Do not try to reach orgasm through the will. You will not achieve it by straining your muscles and moving your eyebrows. Calm down and relax as much as possible. Join your man and forget about orgasm, let the love affair be spontaneous and joyful, and not race for medals.

Forget about sex “in a hurry.” If a man is able to “shoot” and get emotional and physical relaxation in a few minutes, a woman needs time to experience orgasm. Give your loved one to understand how important the long prelude with the whole arsenal of erotic caresses is. Only having reached the necessary degree of excitation, a woman can get sexual satisfaction. This is especially important if a man regularly finishes sexual intercourse faster than prescribed rules of good taste.

Visit the endocrinologist.

If in the past you had a strong sex drive, but the desire to make love disappeared, despite the fact that the surrounding conditions have not changed (you still love your husband, do not experience excessive stress, do not take contraceptives), it is advisable to be examined by an endocrinologist to check the level of hormones.

Let the man know that he is the best. When he sees that you feel good from his caresses, he will break into a cake to give you pleasure. You will only be able to direct it. To get full sexual satisfaction, a man needs to feel that he gave pleasure to his beloved. Say, that’s the kind of champion he is!

Do not imitate an orgasm. This is a dangerous way: a man decides that everything is fine and no additional effort is needed.